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Can you bring the funny?

Attention! Attention! GameCola is looking for new writers!

OK, so, actually, chances are you've never heard of GameCola, and you’re probably wondering why you should be “Attention! Attention!”ing right now. We're an online gaming newsletter with a vague focus on retro titles, and we've been around for just over four-and-a-half years. We get a quite modest 150-200 hits a day, though that always seems to be going up, at least slightly.

Here's the site if you wanna check it out:

What we have to offer you: Nothing! Ha-ha! Of course, that's just an absolutely hilarious joke; what we really have to offer you is this: Uhhh. An e-mail address? Yes!! It's two gigs! That's totally more than G-mail, isn't it? It was at one point, at any rate. And, if you wanted, you could put this as a resume and use me as a reference, as people have been actually known to do. Plus, you get the experience and satisfaction of writing for a gaming newsletter and actually having your stuff read. I swear we have readers!

We’re definitely not going to give you any money, though. At times we have free games to offer, but that’s pretty rare, and the free games are generally of the “Dragon’s Lair Ported to DVD for the Umpteenth Time” variety.

What we're looking for:

Review writers and columnists. Reviewers are more in demand right now, but we could use both. We've got a number of old columns just waiting to be taken over by fresh blood. These columns include "You Learn Something New Every Play," which is about the educational value of videogames/things you can learn from videogames; "Games for the Casual Gamer" which is pretty self-explanatory; and "Judging a Game by its Cover," which examines the coverart of today’s videogames, generally picking apart the one’s that aren’t terribly good. This is in addition to a few new ideas I've been tossing around in my handy dandy notebook.

Plus, really, if you've got an idea of your own, chances are I'd be willing to go with it. Unless your idea is “I wanna write my thoughts on gaming newzzzz~!!~!@#~~!,” because we’ve already got (this is a rough estimate) 600 people doing that.

Cartoonists. We’ve been sorely lacking in the Web comic department for years now, and I’m looking to make better on it. A comic, or even multiple comics, on the gaming industry, gamers, or anything remotely related to gaming would be totally keen.

With any new writers, cartoonists, and so forth we have coming aboard, there’s on particular thingie we’re looking for: A sense of humor. If you don’t got it, we’re not too interested. Just something to keep in mind.

Okay, that's about it! If you're interested please send any writing/comic samples you might have to, or just post a reply here and I'll drop you a line.

Thanks for your time!

- Paul Franzen

(x-posted all over the Intra-web; please don't maim me if you're reading this for the 12th time.)
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